The Tree of Charity

The tale of a tree and a town called Thorn,
And a girl named Charity,
And a wizard most evil, with egregious intentions,
All written in poetry.

If you go to the mountains of Cloudysky,
To the tallest peak called Dree,
To the village of Thorn and a little bit past it,
You will find a remarkable tree.

The tree is a large, magnificent oak,
But it isn't so very unique.
Yet if you were to talk to the people of Thorn,
You would learn of its mystique.

It is called the Tree of Charity,
Because of a girl and a terrible man,
A vile, maniacal, wizardly sort,
With a dark, nefarious plan.

But you needn't travel to Dree, dear reader,
For it is a place known by few;
If you want to hear of this remarkable tree,
I can tell its tale to you.

The End

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