The Traversing Winds

I wonder if drifting breezes

Actually drift

Across dusty flat lands

And rolling, green-blue seas

Swirling up, or around,

Slowing anvil mountains

With delay and ease…

And, do they carry memories?

If I blow a kiss in the wind,

Will it travel the world

To find my friend?


Would her comforting scent drift

Up into the atmosphere

And journey, for days,

To linger, diluted, in my presence?


Perhaps my insides shudder

With the mysterious utter

Of her sound,

When she speaks at waiting stars

To relay her thoughts to me

Of holding her in my arms…


When I share a full moon

With smiling images of her,

Does the helpful moon reflect

And guide my gaze to her gaze-

Without my eyes seeing?

Are my senses accurate?


Are very real spirits allowing me

To notice their hologramic presence?

Their whispering presence-

Their heated, satin-caress

From a noise in the darkness?


Is it possible to feel another person’s energy

Half a world away?


I want to call to the traversing wind

And it carry to her what I say-

My thoughts,

My breath,

My glance-

Maybe, we could share a dance,

Alone and apart,

But, together

In our single soul of a heart…

The End

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