Our first gig

The Band played their first gig 
Playing a little jig
Opening a concert
For a singer called James Rupert
My band played the best they could
And they played so very good
That Rupert who's concert it was
 Was in fact outshined 

We I tell you 
Were better than him
Our Animals and our frontman 
Out sung him when the concert began

 The crowed boo'd him off
Then they started chanting 
For the Animal Band
So they took to the stage
For another time
The Kangaroo played Guitar
With an overpowering solo
And the drumming never stopped
And the Beetles didn't stop when they sang

We were winning over the crowd
 With our rock roll music 
With our singers too
And the snakes playing the trumpet

Did I mention that new addition
The snakes that we found
Who had a brass sound
There was one slight drawback
Kinda small
Each one could play only one note.



The End

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