Dancin In the streets

We went over to The X Factor
And Simon Cowell blew us off
So the rabbit nearly killed him
And we ended up worse off
That rabbit's pretty dim
 And in any case we were told to something off
We ended up Playing on the streets
And in the middle of singing 'Get Back'
There was a shady man who approached us  
He was clad in leather, black
with a black leather jacket
And Black Leather shoes
Black Leather Pants
And long hair of black
Black socks
A black shirt
With a black tie
Put on very loose
The Man Came up to me
Just Shook his head
Took out a trumpet
And started playing Jazz

 Then I had realised 
That was what we needed
A man toppin the show off
One very talented
We owe the audiance that.

We needed that man
We offered him everything 
Everyhing we can
Then He just said 
"No money needed"
Then he started singing
And we joined in... 

 The  Walkers on the streets
They were amazed
By the Kangaroo on Guitar
And the snake on base
 The mouse dueting 
 With the man 
 And the rabbit
Who played piano as hard as he can
The passers by stopped passing
Started to clap their hands
in time with the music
Which was being sang
Then I realised
we were talented
We were amazing
and it ended with a bang!!! 

The End

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