The travelling band of animals

A Poem about a band of animals

If you ever feel the need to want something
Or even feel the want to need something
If you ever want an alternitive...
Then you will like what I have to offer...

What about a Kangaroo that can play Guitar?
I searched for one near and far
Before I saw one in the pet shop
But the music it played was electric Pop...

It gave me an idea
To make a band
Full of animals
From all over the land
To entertain the kids
From Scotland to Japan

I found a Beatle
  I called him George 
I found three more
 And you get the idea
 where I'm going

Then I found a Mouse who could 
Hold a tune, very good
It was brilliant
Believe it or not
But it couldn't
Sing very long 
as it had massive wage demands
 One's that don't belong in my band...

Then I found a drummer
Did I mention he was a dog?
But he would stop barking
It drove me mad
But it was talented
More talented than
Ringo Starr
 Even though
I wouldn't call that an acomlishment...

A Pianist 
By the name of Thumper
 who looked like bugs bunny was next
He was perfect
Allough, he had an ego
 A major drawback
'cause he walked away huffily
In the middle of rehearals
And I can't deal with that.

Since I had found my band
I thought of what I should do 
We had a rehearsal or two 
Before we went to a record labal
To see if they would take us in... 





The End

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