The Tragedy of the Hindu Soul

The Tragedy of the Hindu Soul


at the clock's last tick,

at the map's last mile,

a moment exists but for an instant of pause,

to say to it all, "We must do it again."


so is the life of the Gandhian soul,

a sailor on seas eternal and long,

on a voyage to the there in the distant somewhere,

only then to a voyage back home again.


this Pilgrim is old, this Pilgrim is young,

rising and setting, turning, returning,

coming and going, living, dying,

beginning and ending, beginning again.


now the old Pilgrim is tired, he's nearing his end,

exhausted, depleted, worn out and insane,

so before his demise, he considers his plight,

he cries out to God, "Why must I do this again?"




The End

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