The Town

I once moved to this town because of the people
The harmony once flashing into my eyes
The peace, the breezy serenity
Sweet honey and milk overflowing

Those memories, dead and gone
Flowers and their pollen, faded off
What is left is an abyss
Ignorance is a new bliss

Evil suits the living
Work for nothing
Dying for money
Death is sweeping

O the town of Sodom
Mother of all harlots
Beasts are your leaders
Persecuting holy believers

I had a dream
The Lord spoke to me
”This town hated me”
He will save the believers

He will save those who stood firm
He will destroy this town for the suffer
No longer the prayers of children of Abraham
The unholy will die in Divine Wrath and Anger

- Ezra Hananiah Jalin -

The End

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