The Tower

I can sum this up by saying pride cometh before the fall

I look to the stars/I see angelic smiles from afar/

I smile back and gaze into the eyes of god/

I know that one day; you’ll be in range of my shot


We can be as good as you/

What is an image becomes the being/

Those whom were peasants can be kings/

And the holiest songs we sing/

Are now in humanity’s name


Building higher and higher/

Until the atmosphere is broken/

And the gates are lit by our fire/

Until we hear the words gods have spoken


Anger comes from the drivers with the whip/

Red blazing rage, a scorching power trip/

Dark words in forgotten language/

And the earth’s beauty is at once stripped


Armoured guardians come to destroy/

And put order into order’s place/

The peasant kings are burned and scattered/

Thrown to the wind, we’ve lost all trace


The towers are collapsing/

Bricks and lights crashing quicker/

Lighting accelerates/

To return this order to order’s place

The End

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