The Titanic and Other Metaphors for Love

It's pretty simple. Pick a catastrophe (natural, man made, even fictional I suppose), and relate it to the topic of love.
Sappy, sure. Angsty? But of course. I'm not tagging this mature, so use discretion on your choice of words.
This is my first time starting a collaborative work, so here's hoping it works.

You set out for foreign shores

heart hopeful, flesh willing.

I am a compromised sanctuary

borne up on icy waves.

I come to you in disaster's colors,

all slate gray sea mysterious,

with promises of golden streets

just over the next horizon.

Let me sing you to sleep below decks,

make promises only the waves can keep.

Let me rend your world like an iceberg,

and watch you capsize oh so sweetly.

The End

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