The Tired

Ease my pains,

I don't wish to be alone

My enemy, you are the one I need

For the soul in my heart is gone

My faith has failed, the belief is dead

My life's just a misery, and I'm all to blame

Autumn is my season, bitter and faded


And above my heart lies the shards

Of the glass shield who bleeds the soul

And slaughters the mind

My shell is closed and cold,

But inside I shriek in vain

I'm burned to ashes


My twisted mind is sick and infected

I wish to speak with serpent's tongue

Come here, take me to deepest chasm

Can't you see I scream for more?

But you're no longer there,

Again abandoned to the arch enemy


My eyes are grey and blinded by the light

Please, come end this everlasting torture


If I’d beg you to, could you let me die?

Could you walk away with no regret?

I am trapped in this tortured fortress

I stare into the light, It cuts, It burns

Let go of me

You force me to be a part of this corrupted human world

The End

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