Part II

On the edge of her yard, unknown to her parents,

led me away to her path rather errant.

She held my hands up to the clouds of Zeus

and took one last peek to the sorrow of spruce.

Perplexed was my mask, with her curtains, dispelled.

The girl reassured me that all will be well.

Looking away one more time, she flaunted her pain

and from behind the curtains, pouring rain.


Around her neck a charm of hope

that glistened from its thin, black rope

lit with power that surged for miles.

The curtains lifted all the while.

Awestruck as I was, I held my head high

and channeled her power through trembling thighs.

Taking one last glance at the tree of despair

I knew that name would be skewed and impaired.


“Close your eyes” were the words of the wise

and as commanded I shrouded the skies.

A strong breeze crashing from the west

nearly fractured the grasp held by strength’s best.

Unaware of my surroundings, why have I placed trust

in some girl I haven’t known, but in ten seconds, lust?

Trust turned to woe, and woe into awe,

as I opened my eyes to incoherent law.


Eyes were wide as I witnessed the power

this girl kept hidden in terrible cower.

Time travel!  A magnificent shock

that I, and her, entered the Age of the Rock.

In a full circle I admired the extent

of hills and valleys of an era extinct

yet alive at this moment.  The world

revived by the timeless girl.


Primitive streets dug out by hand

and houses of stone scattered through the land.

How had this girl acquired this power

and why take me when we’ve been less than an hour?

She turned to me, and taking my hand,

ran towards the sun settled over the land.

I looked at her smile, and from cheek to cheek,

recovered from sadness, face lacking creeks.

The End

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