The Time Untold

Poem written during my young age!

The Time Untold


At the Western horizon, as the Sun climbs down before my eyes,

The crimson sky, behind the screen flies,

Dark wings flap afar towards its abode,

While workers rest on their couch shedding off their day’s load.


Slowly does the Moon peep out from the mist of clouds,

Glowingly she beams as the gloom of night gradually shrouds,

Her cool ethereal gleam,

Lightens the atmosphere dim.


Sitting lonely in the moonlit night,

I began to judge what is right,

-Is it this side of the world which is enveloped in dark?

-Or, the other side of it which wakes up in the lark?


There the Sun shines blazingly

Over the lush green pasture, or the deep magnificent sea,

Here the Moon glows mesmerisingly

Over yonder sleeping field, as the nocturnal creatures wake to see.


As we become engulfed in deep languid slumber,

Dreaming cosily while moments pass out unaware,

For the people, on the side, the time proceeds in numbers,

-While taming hastily the flying seconds with all their flair


Lord! O God! The Eternal Gaiety,

Is this a flight to fancy,

Or the austere reality?

Is this the mystic world of fantasy,

Or the mundane triviality?


Is this You, the Creator,

Or the great Obliterator?

What is past, what is present, what is future-

That we so wishfully nurture?


It is You-who gave me, a petty being, the power to write,

It is You again, who never tower down to cast an eye at the trite;

It is You who comfort us as you walk beside us in times of fright,

It is You again who pass out, before our flames of life could shine bright.


To some, You are in Seconds, some in Minutes and some in Hours-

But You are more that what we think, for You are not like “ours”,

In days You build a million towers-

In seconds You make them worth no bowers!


The quest for You will quench the thirst,

Only to bring in more in the queue first

-Because You are the Time Unknown, Untold,

That has got the courage to stay on bold.

The End

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