The time it took to realize

this is the realization of the time it took to realize that life comes quickly like a raindrop falling to the ground and whether or not we see it coming is completely up to us.

let it flow over me and take away all that i feel, like the way the sseasons come and take away all that is left, as if there was never anything there when we feel and hurt like the the rain hitting the pavement with a sharp splat sometimes; we can see it coming, others we cant, while at the same time we are so lost when it happenes; oh iris oh iris how does it come to be that we live so fast and never enjoy the moment; like libraries they sit immortally in the dust of life, wandering among our singing hills to where the sun meets the horizon; how sweet it is when the time passes, but does it really know the waves of the invisible how impossible it seems that we would sit there and let it come patiently , while evermore intently trying to make it pass, so iris oh iris let it flow over me

The End

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