The Veil of ChildhoodMature

I miss the day when I was a child,

When I lived in bliss, when the sweet air was mild.

Because now; close to adulthood,

To the things I fear most,

The ones I love all around me have changed.

For sometimes better, but often worse.

I see them for who they really are,

The veil of my childhood has faded so fast,

Too fast to heal, now a bittersweet scar,

Because I: love them, care for them, rely on their smiles,

But it’s all in my mind. I don’t know how to express,

How to really show, how to make them mind

What I really think, that what I say might not quite be what I mean.

I’ve never felt more misunderstood.

To the world I am blind,

I am lame, yet intelligent,

I am lazy, yet diligent,

I tell lies that in my mind were truths,

Until my words have been turned so twisted,

It’s like up ‘till now my life’s been wasted

On the ‘fairy tales’ I grew up on:

If you love your friends, and they love you too,

Nothing can go wrong, so long as you are together.

Stay honest and faithful, keep your dreams well insight,

And if you work out your troubles before you go sleep,

You will have a good night.

I learned so much that turned out to be false

I yearned so much, for a happiness that’s lost

In the air of ‘prosperity’, in the media of ‘reality’.

What is true and what is false?

Death would be swifter,

Life would be harder,

But I must go on, to replace the veil that I have lost.

The End

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