Crush it FastMature

Please don't laugh at me,

Not in that way,

My patience is bold

But won't always stay.

My polished hands

Support me like stands,

So if you're gonna crush my heart,

Just crush it fast.

That smile I once knew,

Now dissapears.

The kisses you blew,

Now brings me to tears.

I thought I was vain, 

But you slap my pain,

If you want to crush my heart,

Please crush it fast.

Condescending smile.

Your heart is more selfish than lies

That poison the sky all the while.

I should just quit and say my goodbyes.

But the softest part of me

Is looking for you to see.

Do you want to crush my heart?

It feels like you do, just... crush it fast.

Silently raging,

As you ignore the thorns in my irises.

You choose to leave me hurting,

The betrayal infecting my veins like viruses.

My rhyming is crud.

I just want to curse and die.

So just fucking crush my heart now,

Because no matter how hard I try to accept the Bambi act,

The only remedy for my heart is to Crush. It. Fast.


The End

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