What the hell

is going on?

My heart is beating

way too strong.

I can't even think,

it's so hard to breath

as the wind rushes by,

right up my sleeve.

Envading my mind,

envading my soul.

I have no control,

nope, none at all.

Their smiles flash by

And I just cry since

I can't help them all,

as I am already hopelessly flung about

and back.

And I'm trying to think but I'm being swung around



I'm back on the ground,

bleeding with fear,

bleeding my love

and it's fast running out.

The plasters are there

But I can't reach them.

Others don't know where,

But that would defeat the point.

And now there's a shadow,

What? I don't know either.

He's swatting at friends

That I love. Knocking them out of the sky, but, but

I can't see their heads.

And now I can't ask, 

Because I am dead.

The End

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