The Throbbing HeartMature

A little collection of poems where each one is about the emotions that don't want to be told, but in a way they need to because it's unhealthy to keep it all bottled up.

Eager to Be

You must all think that I'm a fool, 

As I'm as sure that I'm a tool.

But I laugh and I joke to make your day seem brighter

'Cause when you frown and you cry it makes more a fighter

Than I thought I could ever be,

To win back your happiness from the depths of humanity

But I do all of this, to get all of the bliss,

The love that I need to feel sated.

Do I seem too eager to please ya?

Even though I'm not nicer

Than your smiles and your souls and the radiance that burns

All my skin and my bones as the dissolving world turns

You've left me like rags when I'm left so alone

Because ev-er-ybody needs someone like you.

As I stand before you and smile more than you do

You wonder why am I so happy? What did I do to

Make him smile like he does, to make him laugh like he does?

And if you leave, or when you leave

Don't forget to brush the leech of your sleeve 

Because I've drained you of blood for far too long.

As when you laugh, and hug me the warmth reignites

I'm getting withdrawal symptoms throughout all the night

I don't need the kids, the marriage, the house or the wife

Because like ev-erybody here all I need, is someone like you

And when you all leave my side

I turn bitter, oh so bitter

I trust no-one who resides

In my hugs anymore

Because as selfish as I am, even if you think I'm a quitter

I still need you

Oh I still need you.

The End

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