The ThirstMature

Your best friend lies within your head,
You bleed for your soul and for her.
Nothing you do is for fellow man,
You need some help some guidance, sir.

The obscene demon that lives in you,
Draws me closer to your core.
Your possessed soul dreams of the day,
When you'll be biten by this silent war.

Licking, biting, scratching and more,
You yearn for something unpure.
Sucked in by the flaming spirit,
That is my soul, my eyes they lure.

You feed off insecurities,
And the passion that sleeps in others.
You scream those words and the passion rises,
Once a pure being, now a hungry lover.

A masochistic seducer,
That's what you are to me.
A voracious wasp who lusts for the sting,
Your thirsty libidinal dreams are regretfully of me.

The End

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