The Third Wheel

Oh, you brought her along

No, that’s not a problem

But you’re so oblivious

To even the simplest of things.

I think that’s one of the reasons why I –


The tickets? I’ve got them

And for a minute I feel relieved

But she is smiling as though you two are alone

She also has one, you say.

I open my mouth to tell you –


And it all begins to makes sense.


You thought I would bring a friend along as well

You think that I’ve made this situation uncomfortable

I quickly assure you that my ‘date’ just called

He’s sick, I tell you

Though I’ve never been a good liar

Yet again it doesn’t matter

You’re too oblivious to see

That what I feel for you is –


She’s beaming now as if it were Christmas morning

And somehow I understand

Being with you does that to me, too

She takes the seat next to you

Separating the two of us

Creating a great blond barrier

It makes my blood steam

But I can’t say anything.

If I do, you’ll know that I –


The lights dim

I can barely make out

The lazy arm draped over her chair

As much as I try to pay attention

To the actors on stage

I’m drawn to you.

I inhale, and start to say –


You notice me staring

It’s her turn to be oblivious

I can’t make out your expression

But I sense something has changed

You take back your arm

Whisper something to her

Then you exit the theatre

At which point I –


And it all begins to make sense.


You didn’t want her along either

You brought her

Because you didn’t want to be the third wheel

I almost laugh at the irony of it all

I pat her shoulder and tell her I’ll be right back

And I jump from my seat

Rush to the exit

My blood no longer steams from anger;

It boils from passion

Adrenaline courses through my veins

The time has come for my unspoken words to –


You run into me

I run into you

You look down at me

I look up at you

Our eyes meet.

You take my hand

And we leave the theatre

Walk together to your car

I start to say something –

But you cut me off with a kiss.




She sits in the empty theatre

The show ended an hour ago

She sits because she thinks you’ll come back

That you’ll come back for her

The trouble is



The End

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