The things you say to me...Mature

I know you know how much it hurts to have all you do turned into nothing,

but damn, the things you say to me make up for that,

I think.




Thanks Dad, love you too.

Does it feel this bad when I hurt you?



Mother's attitude.


You're just like your mother.

Fucking pathetic, I think you said.

Oh Daddy, the things you say make me wish I was dead.

You push your fist into my heart,

rip up the insides,

burn me, and watch me rot.

Oh, the things you say to me!

I'm not worth it, I don't deserve to breathe.

Damn the day you had me.

Ungrateful child,


Keep kicking me when I'm down.

Daddy, the things you say to me!

They cut me down and make me bleed.

I don't mean to make you guilty.

I'm grateful Daddy, really.

I thank God for you every night.

Cry my tears, hold on tight.

Forget the hate, forget the deeds,

forget the words you say to me.

The End

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