The Things I Would Do (For You)

How far would you go for the sake of love?

You laid your heart bare for only me to take

And now I must prove it was no mistake -

So I made a list of Things I Would Do (For You)


I'd start by washing the dirty dishes in the sink

But not before I made you a nice, cool drink

Then I would sweep and mop all of the floors

To sum it all up; I would do all of your chores

Folding the laundry is too easy for me

So I'd wash all your clothes, and do it for free

Paying the bills can be cumbersome indeed

But with me around, truly there's no need

I'd file your taxes, and organize them too

This list isn't done yet, these were only a few

Of The Things I Would Do (For You).


I'd bake you some sweets, your favorite to taste

And tell you sincerely "You can't be replaced"

I would write you a poem with words so true

About all the little reasons why I love you

Then I would construct a big rocket ship

So that you and I could take a tiny trip

And within the hour we'd fly to the moon

As we play among the stars all afternoon

This list isn't over, and far from done

Of The Things I Would Do (For You), I've only begun.


I'd gather all the stars that come out at night,

And turn your world from darkness to light

I would search the world ten times over

Just to give you a four-leafed clover

I'd confess my love from the highest mountain's peak

And return to your arms in less than a week

Learning to play an instrument is no easy feat

But to serenade your soul would be something sweet

This list continues on, and still I have more

So I promise my best, and I'll try not to bore.


I'd wrestle a crocodile while I was blind

Or discover a paradise impossible to find

With 300 Spartans I would go to war

And if you still needed me, I'd be at your door

A legion of demons couldn't keep me away

And by your side I would forever stay

I would swallow a sword, though I've never tried

Or eat a 500 pound fish that was battered and fried

I would challenge the world's strongest men

In whatever sport they desired, again and again

And yet I feel there is still more to do

Of The Things I Would Do (For You).


I would run for presidency and be elected six times

And then I would rid the world of its crimes

Every nation would smile as I stop all the wars

Then back to your place to do some more chores

Next I would indulge you in a hidden fantasy

And wrap you in a passion more vast than the sea

Please don't forget about your breakfast in bed

Or about all of these promises which I have said

There isn't a thing that I wouldn't do

Just as long as I am doing it for you.

The End

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