The thief in the night stole the blues and whites

I don't personally like this poem; I wanted to say one thing but somehow got messed up

I remember the smell

The fresh late summer air

Looking through the glass door

Seeing chipmunks play


I remember the mickey mouse trinkets

Followed by the obsession

My bedroom was one of the victims


I remember staying up late

Watching tv in the den

She fixed banana smoothies for us

As we fell asleep on the couch


I remember being terrified of the basement

Being forced to take morning jogs

Drinking cream soda

Trying to catch chipmunks

 and wanting so desperately

for it to never end


It all went away of course

Stolen by the thief in the night

He came slow

Dressed in blues and whites

With a nice clean hair cut


He came in the memories I held sacred

Always coming closer and closer

Fooling me with laughs and smiles

Nothing but good things


When I looked back

I didn’t see the black shoes

I kept those blues and whites close


They were easier to remember.


All of a sudden,

The thief attacked

Leaving me with the bare necessities

And nothing more


And now,

All I think about are the blues and whites

And how I missed those black shoes.


How could I have missed those

 black shoes?

The End

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