The Theme Of My Daydreams

Gray darkness and the creeping of winter's chill,
Droplets of rain lightly fluttering down in a soft mist,
The warmth of old wooden tiling,
And a tinge of yellow lighting,
Sound of coffee churning, aroma of beans in the air,
A soft couch for us to sink into,
And talk about our days while sipping coffee,
My arm around your back, laughing,

A bland room, void of all personality,
Your sparkling soul, open creativity, freedom,
Bring out the creativity in me,
Colours, fabrics, paints, posters,
Brighten up the life I lead,
Your know-how and knowledge to set me free,
A playful tease,
Those glowing eyes from your smile,
We fight in joy and make a mess,
We don't care...

The beats and atmosphere,
Silly dancing, random motion,
Trying everything that life has to offer,
Grasping life and being free with it,
We dance until worn and then we lay down,
I feel your warmth remind me,
Of a memory I never had,
Soft skin touches as I finally hold you,
We fall asleep looking into each others' eyes,

Home is where the heart is,
So when this daydream comes true,
The last thing I will see when I fall asleep,
Is home...

The End

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