The Terror of The Night

You want so much to be brave,

to treat the darkness as if it is

a small tunnel from which you will emerge

in just a few moments,

but you know morning is hours away

and who knows what monsters

lurk in the shadows of the night.


Night time, a time when floorboards creak

as they settle themselves down to rest

and the least little noise sets your heart racing.

You want and need to turn on the light

but the switch is a few feet away

and fear keeps you bound to the bed,

tense, tired and unable to sleep.


Shadows, you are afraid of the shadows,

for as you stare

they seem to grow and move

and your fear turns to stark terror.

You can hear your heart

beating in your chest, pounding on your ribs

as if it wants to be let out.


You want to creep across the floor

inch by inch to the switch

but as the shadows reach across the room

you pounce out of bed.

At last the switch is on.

The light banishing the darkness,

the terror of the night.


The End

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