The Terror Below

I don't really think I'm very good a poetry, but I'm willing to get better. So feel free to critique.
This is basically something I wrote one day because I felt inspired by my own actions.
I'm new to the site, so this is my first post.

You long for the chance to breathe again

You always feel the walls caving in

You fall all the way down

But no one helps you up


You claw your way to the surface every time

You beg "come back up and tell everyone you're fine."

Do what you do every day of your life

"It's all good" you say to the other empty shells


But maybe they're not so empty

'Cause they don't crash their own integrity

Can't you see you're losing this contest

You're the only one who chose this path


But this simplifies all matters still

'Cause this way no one has to fit the bill

You guess it'd be nice, but you don't ask

The dirt in your nails will wash out soon


No, you don't need any ladder to fight

Your way out of this constant night

It's not a problem, hey, you like night

There's no one there for you to push away


No, don't let anyone lend a hand

Your body is impervious to any brand

Of weakness, if that's what it's called

So wave goodbye to the terror below


But wait your right foot is loose

Where's your footing, is there a noose?

So close to the top, hear the roar

See the world of all voids filled


But wait, it's far too late

Where's that ladder? Is this fate?

Oh that's right, there's no help for you

But it's your fault, it's your mistake.

The End

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