the Tens have it

Ten years ago
I was ten years old,
an explorer of the world,
curious and bold.

Ten years ago
at the foot of a forest,
marched a ten-year-old boy
on a life long quest.

Ten years ago
in a child’s mind’s eye,
a hawk touched the heavens,
wings piercing the sky.

Ten years ago
on a trail ‘round the bend,
a boy met a creature,
a great big new friend.

Ten years ago,
with eyes closed up tight,
the friend came to visit
at all hours of the night.

Ten years from then,
in the present, the now,
that friend has been lost,
the grown boy knows not how.

Ten years from now,
a full twenty from then,
the grown boy has grown
to forget his old friend.

But ten years from ten years
there will be another young boy,
his house by the forest,
gallivanting with joy.

The End

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