The Tear

The Tear

There once was a boy with an open heart
He knew how to love, and how to have fun
But then he grew up and opened his eyes
The love he once felt then began to fade

I just want to be loved and know it is real!

He screams at the moon and hides his face

I’m tired of this life, I’m tired of lies

I just wish for once I didn’t need goodbyes…

He looks up again this time to the stars

I wish I wish upon a star, take me now to place very far,

I’m tired of this and just want my peace,

Oh what I would give to holds her in my arms

But life is cruel and now she is gone,

Lost to me now down the forbidden trails.

Oh why must this be, the pain inside of me?

They both are now lost, yet still I am here.

I wish I wish upon a star, take me now,

To a time long gone, where love never did die…

The End

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