The Taste of Sweetness

just being one with the nature we have been blessed with to enjoy and cherish



Sitting writing a poem

Mind a crazy kaleidoscope dome

Chirpy bird hearts at home

Playing on the bridge next to the garden gnome


Leaves of trees

Singing sweet melodies

Accompanied by the euphemism

Of rushing tears

Water droplets dancing like fairy’s

Caught in a color prism


Tell me my dreams

All the stories living in river streams

Show me my life

Flying over valleys like eagle’s wife


I want to fall into the sky

Vanish between clouds OH so high

 Jumping through the fluff

Never can I have enough

Pure bliss filled being

Magic in waves

Desserts forests

Endless panoramic sight seeing

Collect your grains of sand

Shells and vines from the land

Bring to me the goodness

Found in treasured places


Basking in the ambience

Becoming one with Her substance

Living it

Feeling it


Be it




The End

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