The Tamed.Mature

taming monsters like a boss.

With a slash and a cut,
Gonna nail your mouth shut,
Gonna fuck you up the ass,
And take you straight back to class,

With a stab and a poke,
Gonna scratch and make you choke,
Gonna make you wish at last,
That this time had gone and past,

So take a look,
Take a long hard look,
At the creature you mistook,
For human,

So take a look,
Take a look,
Turn and look real hard,
Then slice me with your cold glass shard,

With a lie and a slap,
Gonna have to bust a cap,
Gonna have to get that razor,
Will you be my saviour?

With a kiss and a hug,
Gonna show you I can love,
Gonna be a creature named,
The monster that you tamed. 

The End

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