The tale of brothers three

I wrote this thing because I was in the company of fifth and sixth graders for an entire week, and had nothing better to do. I really cannot write rhyming poems, so forgive me if this is utter rubbish.
It's about the First World War, specifically about three famous brothers. When I first heard of the story, the history fanatic in me (which is 2/3 of me) was screaming. So, I wrote a poem. I cannot write rhyming poems to save my life. Just go look up 'Nikky, George and Willy'

In a land of black and grey,
Grew man’s misery night and day
Smoke from chimneys, metal and rust
Turned all hope to ash and dust.

Three brothers, happy and full of glee,
Under the shelter of Grandmother’s Christmas tree
Their tale is one of sorrow and suffering,
Betrayal and tragedy, somber and haunting.

Many a years in childhood spent
Memories of happy times given and lent
In maturity these were carried on
As letters of a time before the red of dawn.

Fate is a cruel ghost
It takes away and gives none the most,
This accursed trio were marked out to fall
Into the shadow of the demon’s call.

A gun, a prince, a shot, a death
Broke into something the world had not seen yet,
Millions fell, soot, dirt and grime
Blood and horrors remembered till the end of time.

Amidst the gruesome battle
Where gore was seen like fox on cattle
The tables had turned, allegiances had changed,
Trust broken and ethic deranged.

Georgie, Willy and Nikky, the brothers three,
The first and last now partners in this melee,
Willy, left alone and desolate,
Rage left to brew in solitude for too late.

Alas, for fortune is said to favour the brave,
Nay, Nikky was not capable of this behave,
Set upon by his own kin,
Refused refuge by allies, the memory of a Tsar faded to dim.

Willy, this prodigal king,
Kaiser, was taken away from his rimg,
Abdicated and sons forgotten,
The Hohenzollerns, now misbegotten.

The last of the three managed scrape
And push through the chaos and find a way
Severing ties from his brothers two,
He’d come out victorious, but was left a ship with no crew.

So here the tale ends, of the brothers unknown,
Fraternity and unity which were once sown
In the fabric of family, but absent
In a feud which tore apart brothers three.

The End

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