A Letter to the TraitorMature

My dear friend
I was told there are four Greek words for love

Unconditional, infinite, everlasting
True spiritual devotion 

Virtuous, loyal, familiar
Reciprocated mental affection 

Natural, accepting, kind
Simple understanding tolerance 

And Eros
The love of poetry
The love of intimacy 
The love of mere physicality 

My dear friend, eros is your love
The love that pushed me away
The love that makes me cringe to see
The love of the surface that promises nothing
But the beauty of the skin of that one other 

My dear friend, this is your love
The sticky sweet eros that you must cling to 
That you must leech from one another's tongues
That you must scrape from one another's backs
Because this eros is all you have 

My dear friend, your love is one I despise
Because it's an obsession in your eyes
Those hungry irises that see nothing but eros
Dilating pupils that try to convey passion
But look more like a hunting lion's
A game of predator and prey
It's no wonder you scare everyone else away

My dear friend, your love is a tragedy
For it grew too large and consumed
All gone along with the one you unintentionally shoved aside
The one who loved you with all three
The one who sacrificed herself so you might swim in that erotic hide

It feels like betrayal
The way you display your affection in front of me
The way you hunt before my eyes
The way you pushed me to the cold, turbulent sea
To freeze, to die
To grow bitter and cold and to lie
The way you abuse my sacrifice

My dear friend, eros is all you have 
But short lived and abused
And although in my heart you will always find
You have pushed me far far away
And it may be hard to return 

And I fear my love may not be as kind

The End

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