My dear pretty boy
You know your endearing words took a stab at my heart
Am I a bunny to you?
Am I a goddamn poodle?
Flattered, so I'm somewhat attractive
But I'm not the one who does flips off of balance beams 
And goes off to Beverly Hills to act, to live
That's cute
And I'm not the one who spends more than a minute on my hair
That's cute
I'm not the one who models and plays covers on the piano
Now that's cute
And I'm not the one who attempts to ask out someone you only just met via text
I gave you a chance
We walked to the cute little bubble tea shop
I devoured a spicy Thai crepe while you sucked delicately on tapioca that you didn't even like
I ate more than you
And I was late to a class for you
And I flirted more than I ever had before
But I guess you were looking for more
Because you ignored me the rest of the year
Real cute
Don't be mad I returned the favor
After meaningless messages in the middle of summer
Don't feel hurt I only admitted I recognized you once the next year
Because I'm not the one who is cute
And I'm not the one to shed tears

The End

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