Little Robot HeartMature

Absolutely terrified
Rendered jelly in a matter of letters
And I'm burning up burning up 
Associating love with fear
A glamorous symphony of attracted nerves
Calculating calculating calculating 
Like the robot heart I am 
And I have known I have known I have known 
But I'm still terrified
Of what holding hands might mean
How I might seem 
Damn you and your eluding glance 
You take baby steps to chance
But I have seen the way you dance
You have left me at a crossroads 
With nothing but an uncertain destination
With an anger that is undeserving
How dare you meddle with the perfectly aligned wires
Whose paths were all straightforward and clear
Now tangled up by your subtle smirk
I'm going all out shield and armor because of you
Now what do I have to do
To protect this unblemished little stone of a heart?
Tick tock goes the clock
And I know its about to blow up

The End

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