Cold-hearted QueenMature

I feel like I'm floating precariously in an uncertain chamomile flavored sea
Which other people call romance
But which I call fear

You were my admirer, a dreamer of ai

We walked down streets with muddled thoughts

Floating in between our uneven footsteps

And I was cold

I am cold

Like that taxidermied bird on your wall

Like that large silver bracelet

Like that note you sent me

Soaked through with rain

I am a despicable creature 

Who deserves no love when I have none to give

Locked up tight inside 

Content with being content

Can't you see my gates are closed!

My fortifications drawn!

To all who want only the taking of tea

We sat with our eyes bouncing 

Like googly eyes to no direction

And we chuckled, trying to beat past my fortification

But I was determined to never get backgammoned 

What a poor creature you are that I pity

To have been beckoned in through a locked door to a city

Sucked in by my perilous words 

Of "one sugar or two?"

I did not mean to hurt you

Because I enjoy the way you stand 

Arms tucked in like a bird only waiting for the right command

And the way you talk with your hands


This was not my plan

And what is there now but to pass off notes?

To brush off the crumbs from one another's shirts?

To smile and say hey I know what you mean

Goodbye forever

From the cold-hearted queen

The End

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