As a younger sort of me,
I wondered what I'd be
What does the future hold for me?
What will the future be for me?
Mother said to follow my heart
And the rest would follow me.
A wife and kids who love me.
We'd always be together.
We'd laugh and play together.
My wife, my kids, and me.
All I could ask for, within my reach.
All I could want, within my reach.

For years I work and reach
For what I want for me.
I can almost taste it, it's within my reach.
I can almost see it, it's within my reach.
But is it truly meant to be?
Is it within my reach?
Are you within my reach?
I search my soul, my mind, my heart.
For that advice I took to heart.
Did something escape my reach?
Would we ever be together?
Could we never be together?

 We'll surely be together.
Of course it's in my reach.
Of course we'll be together.
We have to be together.
Without you, there's me.
How can I be together?
One soul, alone, together?
How could it be?
How can it be?
How can't we be together?
To hear it breaks my heart.
I nurse my broken heart.

But I know, deep in my heart.
I know we'll be together.
We'll mend our broken hearts.
We'll fix these broken hearts.
You and me, within my reach.
I can feel it in my heart.
Can you feel it in your heart?
Against the world, just you and me.
We'll fight them off, both you and me,
We'll fight with all our hearts.
We know just what will be.
I know just what must be.

But are we happy, can we be?
Two broken minds and hearts.
Happy, we should be.
Loving, we should be.
Why arguing together?
A team, why can't we be?
Best friends, we've got to be.
We're just in reach.
So close, just reach.
Happiness could be.
Just my you and your me.
I love you, you love me.

You'll work so hard, and me.
So perfect, it will be.
We'll mend our injured hearts.
We'll mend them both together.
Our life is within reach.

The End

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