This final challenge is addressed to only three poets; the best of the best. We had to come up with something special, something extreme to the point of being evil! We want you to scour your life for experiences that changed your life in a negative or positive way, and give us a fictional version of it. We don't expect an account of private matters. Good luck, master poets.



Difficulty: Extreme

Form: Canzone

It's traditionally Italian, but can be written in English in a Dantean form. It's very similar to a Sestina, but harder. There are various shorter versions with differing rhyme schemes, but this is the version we're going with.

There are no rhymes; instead there are five keywords that determine the structure of the poem. Every line of the poem - and there are 65 lines altogether - ends with one of the keywords, which all appear together in the envoi. For example:

envoi: ABCDE


This challenge deals with your deepest emotions, and personal experience with a life changing event. A romance gone wrong, a death in the family, etc. Something that made you cry. (Did I mention evil?) It could also mean a life changing happy experience that made you cry - what I call 'cry for happy'. The poem wouldn't have to be about a private personal matter, but a fictional version of a life changing experience. Since the last challenge was first person, you may use either first or third person if you wish.


Example: If you are well acquainted with a painful breakup experience, then delve into your deep emotions, envision for us the emotions involved when he/she walked away. A fictional version would be -

First person:

His shoulders squared, he walked away, head held high, while I stood in the shadows and cried.


Just remember that the word on the end of each line must be one of the five keywords throughout.


Third person:

His shoulders squared, he walked away, head held high, while she stood in the shadows and cried.

If you're using third person, you may use proper names if you wish:

Devon' shoulders squared as he walked away, head held high, while Alice stood in the shadows and cried.

Make the fictional characters feel the pain, the rage and sorrow, maybe even relief at the breakup. There's a lot of room in 65 lines to tell a good story.

You could also have the characters trembling with the euphoria of a first kiss, the tears of joy when a proposal of marriage is accepted. This can be done first or third person, as you wish.


Any life changing event that involves very deep emotions can be used.

The structure and sample is toward the centre of the page, it follows the structure, but not the theme of this challenge. This poem uses a series of rhyming words as the five keywords, whereas we prefer you use just the five keywords that you use over and over.

This is an example of the melancholy side of the life changing event of falling in love. - It follows the structure we're looking for.

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The End

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