Poet # Nine

Using Poet 4's entry into round 3:

A curious premise, though one not new,
giving one's soul to the devil's demands.
We know that ol' Satan's word can't be true...
Ah, but one must heed the devil's command.
Our hero was made to trials withstand
but losing, quite rapidly, lit'rally s'well
a clear eye to see, a leg on to stand,
so the devil the offered him "respite", or hell.

Helpless and lacking, oh, what's one to do,
especially with such a promise at hand
for a new body and better life for you?
Ah, so then one heeds the devil's command.
The devil may offer these riches or lands,
this feature, that prospect, and power as well.
Bu when 'prived of a body, I can understand
that when Satan then offered him "respite" or hell,

The hero most likely he went for the new
life, the new limbs, but how could he stand
knowing his soul now 'longs in hell's goo?
Ah, he had to heed the devil's command.
A deep moral battle, but who's in command
when moral and temptation's struggle great swells,
when faced with the question of which way to stand
when the dvil there offers you "respite" or hell?

Though humorous, the here loses a free hand
Ah, and by heeding the devil's command.
Dealing with Satan it never ends well
because he just offers not respite, but hell.

The End

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