Poet # Nine

Cupid's arrow struck my heart through
The moment I laid eyes on you.

Immediately then, I realized
That I would forever love you.

Do you even know I exist?
It is quite doubtful you do.

This doesn't matter to me though
For I will forever love you

I know everything there is to know
Your birthday, hobbies, shampoo-

You don't even know my first name
But I will forever love you.

I watch you hour upon hour
My eyes stuck to you like glue.

You're funny, intelligent, handsome-
Yes, I will forever love you.

I know I have some competition
For your admirers are not few.

However, I couldn't care less
That they will forever love you.

They are the six million others
That subscribe to your channel too-

We are your YouTube fan base
And we will all forever "love" you.

The End

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