Poet #Fourteen

At first I watched you from afar;
My heart beat fast inside me,
As if I could feel your sultry breath
So close… so close beside me.

I followed you around, after class
And figured out where you go.
You spend your time playing sports,
And you like that blonde girl, I know…

You seemed really sad today at school
It nearly rent my heart in two
But I had to do it; you just don’t know;
She didn’t really mean that much to you…

I took some pieces of your hair.
I knew you wouldn’t mind.
And once I got into your house,
They weren’t that hard to find…

I think your sister saw me last night,
Through the window beside the back door,
Because I noticed you wouldn’t look at me
Your turned away, avoided me; you swore.

Tonight I crept into your room
Where you slept so beautifully.
I almost left, but it’s okay;
I brought some matches with me.

 I poured the can of gasoline
|All around your peaceful bed.
Then I crawled in beside you
And watched the fire glow red.

The End

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