Challenge # Two

The second challenge will be a combination of two types of poetry. What we're looking for is an ABC poem, that follows the Tanka structure of lines and syllables. It's not as easy as challenge # one, but it's still easy, only five lines.

It can be hilarious, maudlin, or just plain bizarre, as long as it follows the ABC/Tanka instructions. It's free verse, it doesn't have to rhyme. The sample on the sample page will give you an  idea of what we're looking for. Please contact Elzu or myself if you wish further explanation of the instructions.

Challenge Two

Difficulty: Easy

 Form: ABC poem
An ABC poem has a series of lines that create a mood, picture, or feeling. Lines are made up of words and phrases. The lines of each stanza follow each other in an alphabetic manner. Line one starts with A, line two starts with B, line three starts with C, etc.

A Tanka poem has five lines. Lines one and three = five syllables. Lines two, four and five = seven syllables.  

write an epitaph in one stanza of five lines, following the ABC / Tanka instructions. An epitaph is a commemorative inscription on a tomb or mortuary monument written in praise, or reflecting the life, of a deceased person.



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