Challenge Five.

This is the last of the elimination rounds, in which only three of you will proceed on to the final challenge. It is therefore, very hard. We are asking you to write a ballad using a specific rhyming scheme, to respond to an earlier horror ballad from challenge three. We want you to make us feel the fear you felt when you read one of those previous poems – not your own, of course.

Challenge Five

Difficulty : Hard

Form: Double Refrain Ballade
to be mistaken for a ballad, this is a verse form typically consisting of three eight-line stanzas, each with a consistent metre and a particular rhyme scheme.

The rhyme scheme is usually abaBbcbC abaBbcbC abaBbcbC bBcC where the capital B and C is a refrain. This is a modified version of the ballade, with two refrains without, instead of one. For further info, check out this site:

I have written an in depth explanation of this challenge in the tournament discussion page:



This poem will be a response to one of the ballads written in round three. This time you will be writing in first person, and you'll be displaying your emotions if you were the one experiencing the circumstances in your chosen poem. You must state the poet you are responding to, it may not be your own piece.


I have also included a double refrain ballade written by poet Jan Haag.  poem # 245

It doesn't follow the theme of course, but it does follow the structure. Ms. Haag uses the final portion of B and C refrain lines for her refrain, where we're asking for the entire lines of B and C as the refrain.  We're looking For B refrain to be exactly the same, word for word throughout the stanzas, as well as the C refrain being the same throughout.

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The End

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