Challenge Three.

 MWAAHAAAAHHHAAAAAA! Now I’ve got you where I want you, my pretty! Horror is one of my favourite genres. We want a narrative that rhymes. Tell us a ghost story if that scares you, make it gross, but don't make us vomit. Remember, this poem will begin the eliminations, so give it your best shot.

Difficulty:  Intermediate

Form: Ballad
A ballad is a story (or narrative) in poetic form. It is often lyrical enough to be sung, and includes a refrain. This ballad will use quatrains, (4 lines to a stanza) with an ABCB rhyming scheme.

Write a ballad telling a horror story. It can either be a ballad with a refrain in a song form, or a story in rhyme. Put your emphasis on what people fear, what makes them uncomfortable. Concentrate on scaring us, or maybe just give us a little chill.

Sample : 

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The End

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