Challenge #2: Chōka

Contestajudges, your second challenge is to write in the ancient Japanese form of chōka.

Like a haiku, the chōka follows a set syllabic structure: 5-7 for couplets, 5-7-7 for the conclusion. Unlike a haiku, the chōka is not restricted in length, and can include as many couplets as you desire so long as the ending follows the 5-7-7 pattern.


As an additional test of skill, I demand that all lines with seven syllables rhyme.

Finally, according to the Wikipedia article, the chōka was "solemn enough to express serious and deep emotion when facing a significant event." Please abide by this theme!

So, to recap:
chōka is the form (5-7 5-7 ... 5-7-7)
every other line as well as the final two lines must rhyme (AB CB ... DBB)
the content must reflect serious or deep emotion

Have at 'er!

The End

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