Love on a Martian Shore

I sit here tonight, eyes long dry, transfixed by the ocean,
That same shining sea, gentle waves, that endlessly empty ocean.

It is here that I first met you, heroine of my dreams,
A woman birthed of her father’s loins from the soft foam of the ocean.

Poseidon tried to claim you, and indeed he may have produced,
There are tales you had a hand in raising Rhodes out from the ocean.

Others tried for your vain heart, Dionysus and Adonis,
The mortals Anchises and Butes you courted in Sicily by the ocean.

But in your heart you love me, and I know this to be true,
Our fiery love is a lighthouse on a cliff above the ocean.

And though our love burns brightly, is consummated and shared,
We are fated to be separate, trapped at each end of an ocean.

Your consort is Hephaestus, that slovenly, ugly god,
His fires and passions rival my own, bring volcanoes from the ocean.

I cry out for you on every shore, have traversed this land in longing,
From the battlefield I shout my songs over the fierce roar of the ocean.

And when my tongue has turned to sand, my lips crisp paper dry,
I try to quench my thirst for you with the salt brine of the ocean.

Although I am without you, I see you in the sky,
Bright burning stars proclaim you, the midnight a dark ocean.

And when my gaze turns to the ground, deserted by the stars,
I see them echoed in blooms of myrtle, caressed by winds off the ocean.

I hear the songs of sparrows, of doves and graceful swans,
I see the horses running free on fields beside the ocean.

There is no thing to heal my heart, save the heated blood of battle,
And that cannot by found on Cyprus, your island on the ocean.

Thus I am forced to contemplate, look once more at the sea,
I will leave now to the Kingdom of Jordan, landlocked without an ocean.

The End

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