The suffering never ends sequal (oringinal by xkatieshepard)

Across the playground, i can see.

A girl getting beaten up, by the bully.

Watching it, it makes me sad.

But if I interfere, who knows what will happen to me?, Who knows how bad?.

All i can do is stand and stare.

As if I didn't really care.

As she is beaten, her clothes torn.

I can see, she wished she'd never been born.

Then she is left there in a flood.

Of her own gushing blood.

The next day it happens once more.

Beaten and bruised her clothes tore.

Finally, my courage is found.

I run over and push the bully to the ground.

Then the bully gets up and punches me.

I fall to the ground, and I see.

The girl running away from the bully and me.

Running away from the bully and me.

Running away from her misery.

The End

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