The suffering never ends

This is literally the first and only poem I've ever written. But I feel strongly about bullying and wanted to try something different than a story.

Take a glance you will not see

Her agonized life, so easily


Dig a little deeper, listen to her

The suffering she feels never deters


Day in day out, the torment grows

The pain she feels, she must not show


A brave face here, a smile there

Features set, an impassive stare


She faces the day, resigned to fate

Hurry to school, she mustn’t be late


The teacher shouts, the children snicker

Her front fails, her eyelid flickers


Picking this up straight away

The children strike in the day


They pull her hair, they kick her down

No one to help, no one around


No one can hear, no one would care

Her cries are lost within the air


The torture comes to a halt

She thinks this is her own fault


Her answer lies within the room

Darkness encaged, her own private tomb


The capsules they fall so delicately

She caresses them affectionately


They are her saviour, the rescue she needs

She swallows them whole, signs the deed


She plays the game of wait

Of which she can relate


Her whole life has revolved around time

When will it end? Will peace be mine?


Her body goes numb, she shuts out the violence

She closes her eyes wishes for silence


A smile plays upon her lips

As death tightens its comforting grip


She slips away, to paradise

The light dies, within her eyes.


So next time you see, torment and strife.

Why not step in? You could save their life.

The End

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