The Strange Visit

Two brother. One Young Lady. Her brother. and one strange visit. Come and read this adventures poem.

My father band me from the family trainning
My mother put me into a different clan
My years of life were confusing to me

Born from a clan of Vampire Hunters
Raised in a clan of humans that lived in peace with Vampires

My older brother killed my friends
When I moved out of the clan

I fell in love with the most powerful Vampire out of them all
One fell in love with me

The deadly love triangle
With two vampire brothers

and my brother wanting to kill them both

My heart can't take it anymore
My body turns into just an empty shell
I can't do anything
I just sit and stare at the bloody battle

Then from my view I see something
Something un-usual
Something I never seen since the time

My old friend 'Tyrone'
His ten year old looking body
His short blonde hair and blue eyes looking at me
I get up and stare in confusion

Everything stops
The sounds,
The movements,
The site around him and me freezes

Just seeing him felt so strange
Me 16
and him 26
But with that 10 yr old body

He stares at me with those childlike eyes
That turned into deadly blood red after a meal

His eyes asked 'What is wrong? My dear friend'

But I feel something wrong
Very wrong of this strange visit

The End

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