The story of two friends

I walked in scared, unknown to the world,

Little did I know as everything swirled.

I saw her sitting quietly in the corner

She was shy and offered me a seat,

Oh! What an honour! =D

Names we exchanged, then address too,

She opened up a bit,

and later, what we spoke, no one had a clue! =D


The first day was friendly and my hesitance erased,

As I'd found a friend, who hadn't been chased!

I wished for another day to go to school,

being at home, wasnt any more cool \m/! =D

Days passed by,a year, then two..

Now, we're known for the twin friends that follow each other,

Hold hands in joy and beat up those who bother! =D


Laughs, cries, pains and sorrow we have shared

I feel delighted as she says,

"Earlier, I hadn't even cared!"

Coming to a new school wasn't such a horror,

with beasts I had found A GEM to my honour! :) 

The End

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