The Story of Redemption

Dedicated to the lovely Cassandramorrow


Envy takes a jealous hold 

On me.

An unrelinquishing grasp

Is he.

Shouting over 

The light of hope

His whispers caress me

As he knots the rope.

Inner beauty 

Is a diminished flame

When possesive envy

Is to blame.

"Look at her,

What she can do!

How she takes him,

How he'll never want you."

His confident voice

Embraces me

As I stand and watch

Behind the scenes

Powerless I am

When he has control

Weakened I am

Deep in my soul

I'm bound to him

With iron chains

I've lost my strength

In his acid rain

It's impossible

To fight

Once envy's taken you

Into the night

The End

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