The Story of Life.

Two By Two,
Left Right Left,
We march together,
so no one is left.

The rain pours down,
then stops like that,
No Recess even if it ended.

I can’t play,
the bell has rung,
we march in a mob,
back together.

It isn’t as simple as structure and melody,
you can’t have a rhythm,
you cant stray from the uniform.
No matter how much neon you put on you body,
the black on your face,
the iron through your hair.
Your still marching,
two by two,
left right left.

As much as i wish i had no reputation,
somehow i do.
Even if i change from day to day,
i still have an image.
Is there no freedom,

It’s not that we are kids,
it’s not that we go to a school as strict as a nail,
it is that we are human,
or animals.
In a cage called universe.
If i was a rain drop I'd have to fall.
Even if you caught me,
i would fall for you.

For every cage there is a zoo,
for every zoo there is a zoo-keeper,
but whom created these puppets.
Whether you be Atheist or whatever,
you can’t deny,
that for every zoo there is a zoo-keeper,
and we live in a cage.

Some can break free and live in the wild,
just to find,
the “wild” is just a bigger cage,
or a wildlife refuge.

This isn’t the story of my life,
this is the textbook,
of the history,

The End

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